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Our Work

Aliança Empreendedora brings knowledge, empowerment, and social inclusion to small and micro-entrepreneurs.

Small and micro-entrepreneurs are responsible for 99% of national companies and 52% of formal employment in Brazil. They are responsible for 30% of the country’s GDP and can generate much more capital for Brazil. In spite of this powerful presence, they are still invisible when talking about the economy and enterprise in Brazil.

Small and micro-entrepreneurs are responsible for

99% of national companies and 52% of formal employment in Brazil.

They are responsible for 30% of the country’s GDP and can generate much more

capital for Brazil. In spite of this powerful presence, they are still

invisible when talking about the economy and enterprise in Brazil.

Aliança Empreendedora exists and acts on behalf of this portion of entrepreneurs who are almost always alone on their entrepreneurial journey. Our objective is to bring knowledge, empowerment, and social inclusion to this audience, in addition to promoting the recognition of stories that represent the reality of a Brazil that works in low-income communities.

We look at entrepreneurship as a way to transform our country. Therefore, we work in the training and inclusion of formal and informal micro-entrepreneurs in low-income communities throughout Brazil.

We developed an awareness that all Brazilians can become entrepreneurs through the development of skills, and by ensuring a market with fair relations.

In addition, Aliança Empreendedora’s work consists of consulting and supporting companies, social organizations and governments to develop inclusive social projects, aimed at low-income entrepreneurs.

We currently have 134 social organizations affiliated, which allows us to serve the entirety of the national territory.

All our work is developed through training, facilitation and project management methodologies.

The basis of our methodology are the so-called andragogy, effectuation and humanism, where, based on the development of a simple business model, the micro-entrepreneur starts with what they have at the moment, and is directed towards future trends and predictions.

We believe that individual entrepreneurs are thirsty for learning and building their own learning path very easily. Learning in the face of the challenges of entrepreneurship is the reality of the entrepreneur. We encourage them to participate in support networks, related groups to exchange experiences, in addition to providing advice so that they are recognized within their community.

In addition, Aliança Empreendedora carries out its training work for entrepreneurs through three formats:

  • In-person Support: aimed at the individual micro-entrepreneur, this model helps in interpersonal integration and development through group work;
  • Digital Support: through WhatsApp courses the entrepreneurs have access to new information in real time with guided and facilitated training using their own cell phones;
  • On-line: our award-winning platform “TamoJunto”, developed by Aliança Empreendedora, integrates certified courses, video classes, articles, and management tools, all with the aim to facilitate access to micro-entrepreneurs, making their growth journey practical and continuing.

All our methodologies use simple language that are adequate to all entrepreneurial profiles, regardless of schooling.

Fronts of Operation

Solutions for micro-entrepreneurs

We develop and apply courses and training, free of charge, focused on developing skills and abilities for micro-entrepreneurs. Learn more.

Trend and
Research Hub

We conduct studies and research about Brazilian micro-entrepreneurship, as well as developing methodology and advocacy projects for the cause. Learn more.

for business

We provide consulting por companies of different sizes and segments in the co-creation of new products and services based on social causes, focused on micro-entrepreneurship. Learn more.

Companies that
help us make an impact

Get inspired by these organizations that help Aliança Empreendedora to spread the cause of entrepreneurship and reduce social impacts in Brazil.


Network and Certificates:

Aliança Empreendedora participates in support networks from different parts of the world, where through the exchange of experience and strengthening of partnerships, it is possible to enhance our work, disseminate the cause and impact more micro-entrepreneurs in development.

Institutional Projects

Get to know the projects developed by Aliança Empreendedora dedicated to micro-entrepreneurs, companies, and volunteer mentors.

Tamo Junto

Tamo Junto (We’re Together) was the first Brazilian platform completely dedicated to low-income micro-entrepreneurs.

Recognized and awarded by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it is a complete platform that offers content, knowledge, and growth opportunities through online courses and management tools.

It has over 130 thousand subscribers, and courses have a 33% finishing rate. It is important to mention, all our courses offer certification, delivering not just knowledge, but also self-confidence to our entrepreneurs. All 100% online and free of charge.

Empreender 360:

Empreender 360 was created with the objective of strengthening the support system available to Brazilian micro-entrepreneurs, promoting relevant content, thus encouraging organizations, companies, and governments to support micro-entrepreneurs in low-income communities throughout Brazil.

Empreender 360 is a collaborative space where content is created and developed with partner organizations, thus building a strong and inclusive ecosystem.

Tecendo Sonhos

The program Tecendo Sonhos (Weaving Dreams) is an initiative that promotes dignified relations in the textile supply chain, through actions involving owners of sewing workshops, stakeholders, and technologies. Through this, we disseminate information to migrants, in their majority from Latin America, and refugees, promoting dignified work relations. In 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic, over 2.062 latinx immigrants were assisted online through the program to strengthen their entrepreneurial network.

Guru de Negócios

Guru de Negócios (Business Guru) is a mentorship and volunteering program, which gives access, through its own platform, to free mentorship for up to 6 months to micro-entrepreneurs from all over Brazil. The platform works with an automated process that matches the needs of the entrepreneur with the skills of the mentor. Upon registration, the entrepreneur details their preferences and skills, and from that point a match is made with volunteer mentors who closely fit the enterprise’s and entrepreneur’s profile.

Would you like to participate or collaborate in one of our projects? Get in touch with us.