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If you are or wish to become an entrepreneur, this is your place.
Get to know the projects developed by Aliança Empreendedora that can help you change the trajectory of your life.

Tamo Junto

Tamo Junto is a platform of free online courses aimed at you, who wish to open a business or already own one and wish to improve your enterprise. Here you will find courses, videos, content, all being kept up to date and curated in order for you to learn about management, financial education, sales, revenue, social media, and marketing. Our courses award certificates and are 100% free of charge!

Guru de Negócios

Guru de Negócios is a mentorship program created to offer personalized and free support to entrepreneurs. The goal is to orient you to identify opportunities during the early stages of the business and accompany you during formalization and implementation, as well as become part of the journey through the exchange of experiences. If you wish to become a mentee, learn more here.

Tecendo Sonhos

If you are an immigrant and own a sewing workshop, or wish to open your own business in São Paulo, SP, you are eligible to participate and become a supported entrepreneur, participating in a free course geared towards business management, as well as have access to other benefits of the program.

Would you like to participate in one of Aliança Empreendedora’s projects and have questions?