Our Story

Supported Entrepreneurs:

259 entrepreneurs supported by the Course promoting improvements in working conditions and management of sewing workshops in São Paulo - (184 sewing workshops owners and 41 immigrants supported to open new businesses).

51% percent of women and
46% percent of men.

Country of origin of people supported (2019 database): 99,9% percent of Bolivians / 0,4% percent of Peruvians.

403 entrepreneurs supported by Cineclube (Cinema club).

51% percent of men and
49% percent of women.

64% percent have a business idea and 28% percent already undertake.

In 4 years, Tecendo Sonhos Program has already carried out the following actions:

Mentoring and support in the construction of Instituto ALINHA, an important partner for regularization and insertion in the market of the workshops supported by the Program.

Co-creation with organizations CAMI, PAL e Si, Yo Puedo! of methodology adapted to sewing workshops (MEIs) aiming at the promotion of fair labor relations, formalization, pricing, productivity increase, and bargaining power.

Co-creation with International Labor Organization (ILO) methodology for sewing workshops inserted in the National Simples.

Three allied organizations replicating the methodology in their communities - Greater São Paulo.

Network with more than 15 partners and ambassadors to support migrants, owners of sewing workshops.