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Tecendo Sonhos Program is an initiative of the Aliança Empreendedora, with the objective of promoting decent working relationships in the textile chain with the Latin American immigrant public, through entrepreneurship. The actions of the Program seek to integrate micro and small entrepreneurs of the textile chain, social organizations working with migration, government, networks such as COETRAE (Comissão Estadual de Combate ao Trabalho Escravo - State Commission for Eradication of Slave Labor), ILO (International Labor Organization), State Secretariat of Justice, researchers and technologies that transform the relations of its chain and responsible consumption.

Photo: Marcio Pimenta

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I am an immigrant and want to participate

If you are an immigrant and have a sewing workshop, or have the desire to start your own business in the city of São Paulo-SP, you can participate in the Program and become a supported entrepreneur by taking part in a free course aiming at the management of your business, in addition to accessing other benefits of Tecendo Sonhos.

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I am an organization or a manufacture and I want to be a partner

If your organization or manufacture wants to be part of the change of the textile chain into a fairer chain, and wants to integrate the partners network of Tecendo Sonhos, contact our team and learn more about our work!

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Keep up with all the news and actions of Tecendo Sonhos Program and its partners through our Blog:

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  • "I have time to be with my daughters and to buy them what they need".
    Omar Flores Quinteros
  • "In Tecendo Sonhos (Weaving Dreams) I learned many things, mainly the value of my work. Every day my dreams grow more".
    Alícia Vargas Balboa