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The Entrepreneurial Alliance was founded in Curitiba Paraná in 2005 by Rodrigo de Brito Mello e Silva, Lina Maria Jaramillo Useche Kempf , Casanovas Helena Vieira , Eduardo Gomes Camargo , Norma Hitomi Ikeda, Maria Fernanda Candido and Luis Alberto Ribeiro Paschenda , in order to offer the low-income microentrepreneurs and productive community groups of all ages and sectors , the support they needed to develop their business. That first year , we started the partnership with Alphaville Foundation in the metropolitan area , and then we started to work in the field of Inclusive Recycling , supporting waste pickers organizations.

In 2006 we began to expand our work to other communities in Curitiba to close a partnership with Walmart Institute . Parallel to this , our strategy work together to microenterprise solidified as an access platform for inclusion and entrepreneurial development. The platform was divided into three main entrances: Knowledge , Credit and Marketing . In order to provide access to credit to microentrepreneurs , started a micro-credit fund and Solidarium – market access platform – in order to connect microentrepreneurs with large retail chains .

In 2007 we began operating in Recife , built the first point of sales of low-income microentrepreneurs products in a Walmart store in Curitiba, Solidarium before a platform within the Alliance was formalized as a social business, Rodrigo de Mello Brito and Silva – one of the founders – was selected as ” Fellow ” received our first National Award : , Visionaris – promoted and sponsored by UBS .

In 2008 we expanded the operation to Sao Paulo, created the deMetodologias Development area to research, develop , organize and replicate the methodologies that we created to support the low-income microentrepreneurs . In the area of Inclusive Recycling, we were invited by Avina , National Movement of Recyclable Material Collectors and the Municipality of Curitiba to implement the project Eco Citizen, in order to apoiar25 organizations of waste pickers for 5 years. We also started this year to engage more actively in encouraging entrepreneurship in the scenario in Brazil , to mobilize in Paraná, the Global Entrepreneurship Week in partnership with Endeavor . We received the award ” Top Social ADVB SP ” and Rodrigo Brito was finalist in the Leaf Social Entrepreneur , sponsored by the newspaper Folha de São Paulo and the Schwab Foundation .

The year 2009 was one of the most important to us. We received advice from McKinsey and Ashoka , and restructured our expansion strategy , for she knew it through methodological transfer to allied organizations throughout Brazil . Motivated by this strategy , we began a partnership with Santander in the project ” Partners in Action” , and selected from 232 enrolled, 5 NGOs from different parts of Brazil to receive our methodology , investment , monitoring and support for two years. Also this year , we were one of five Brazilian organizations invited to participate in the Global Forum Cornell in the category Sustainable Company , held in New York by Professor Stuart Hart .

The year 2010 was the year of harvesting fruits of our labor. We continue to expand through allied organizations, created the Portal Impulse – extension of credit to access platform – allowing anyone to know and invest in micro entrepreneurs over the internet and begin an inclusive business project developed in partnership with the cosmetics company Natura, to facilitate access to knowledge and credit to micro hairdresser who was also sellers Natura. In recognition of our work, we were voted the most reliable NGOs in Brazil in Income Generation category by Readers Digest magazine, we were invited to participate as Clinton Global Initiavie member in New York, Lina Maria Jaramillo Useche Kempf – one of the founders – was elected Fellow of the Youth Action Net and Rodrigo de Brito Mello e Silva was elected as one of three Brazilian selected to attend the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

In 2011 we reorganized our internal structure in areas , and focus on knowledge and methodologies as the focus of our work , so partnering in credit and marketing to provide such access to micro-entrepreneurs . In spreading the entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial inclusion , we were one of 10 organizations invited to compose the National Council of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Brazil , promoted the first edition of the ” Alliance Award for Community Entrepreneurship ” , and we were invited by the TV show ” Cauldron Huck “on TV Globo to co- develop the framework ” Sending Well, ” a series of episodes in the TV program that identifies , supports and reform the location of low-income microentrepreneurs work that has an inspiring story . With about 50 million viewers , the series inspires and educates millions of Brazilians in the process of becoming an entrepreneur .

In 2012 we consolidated our internal working model: focus much on the internal development of the organization, the retention of talent and plan for jobs and wages. Also this year, we decided to adapt our working methods within the effectuation theory. Developed from research of Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, the theory sees entrepreneurship not as a gift or set of features, but as a “set of skills” that are developed by practice and experience. Rather than focus on developing a business plan based on forecasts for the future, the methodology of the Alliance uses of the effectuation theory approach to encourage micro-entrepreneurs to establish and grow their business from which they have developed three fundamental pillars 1 – Who they are (identity, dreams and self-image); 2 – What do they know (knowledge and experience); and 3 – Who do they know (networking). This also led to a change in the evaluation of the impact generated, because we realize that only evaluate business growth was insufficient to understand the real impact that the methodology caused in the lives of microentrepreneurs supported. So we started working on a more complete metric, the Entrepreneurial Inclusion Index (ERI), based on the work with the effectuation theory. This year, we also consolidated our work in spreading the cause: We launched the 2nd Alliance Award for Community Entrepreneurship and transform the Portal Impulse in the 1st crowdfunding site geared to microentrepreneurs in Brazil.

In 2013 we received the Centennial Award Innovation Challenge, the Rockefeller Foundation and started to design a project to improve the fashion chain in São Paulo by strengthening and formalizing Sewing Workshops owners , close partnership with Youth Business International , organization based in England and chaired by the Prince of Wales to support young entrepreneurs in the world to start the entrepreneurial Generation Program for the support of Brazilian youth 18-35 years. With one of the fruits of this partnership , include mentoring as a process of support for micro-entrepreneurs within our methodology.

In 2014, in addition to continuing the Entrepreneurial Generation and design with the Rockefeller Foundation, launched the Tamo Together – first site aimed at low-income microentrepreneurs in Brazil, we present our expansion strategy in England – an event promoted by Ashoka and presents the Entrepreneurial Inclusion Index on events in Turkey and the United States. Fortify the provision of services to companies in consulting and implementation of inclusive business, and also in the implementation of custom awards such as Entrepreneur Challenge Anhanguera, designed especially for students of Anhanguera. This year is also the year of the transformation of the Alliance brand, launched the new brand in November with the new slogan: Everyone can undertake. By this we strengthen our role in empowering Brazilian microentrepreneurs, spreading the message that anyone can undertake, and to undertake is a set of skills that can be learned.

Diretoria e conselho

  • Alexandra Meira
  • Cristina Filizzola
  • Helena Casanovas Vieira
  • Lina Maria Useche Jaramillo
  • Marina Egg Batista
  • Jerônimo Ramos
  • Luiz Cavalcante de Lima
  • Mafoane odara
  • Monica Picavea
  • Rodrigo de Mello Brito

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